Some of our activists with the Halifax Affiliate chapter of ID Canada took to the streets last night for a poster campaign targeting Cornwallis park and surrounding areas. By morning, most of the posters had been ripped down – presumably by the same people who erected a teepee where Cornwallis stood just days ago.

The removal of General Cornwallis from Cornwallis park, despite what the City says, was not done for “public safety reasons”. If the City of Halifax is permitted to dismantle our history without penalty or public intervention, other cities will follow suit.

This is a terrible precedent of not only dismantling our history, but replacing it. The decision to erect a teepee over the former home of the General Cornwallis statue in a park also holding his name is a spit in the face to our European identity and the sacrifices our ancestors made for our freedoms.

ID Canada will continue to stand against this decision. We will not allow this to go without consequence. We will challenge any city who attempts to do the same. From our capital city to the smallest towns. From the Maritimes to the Rockies, we will make our presence known. We’re the Generation that are defending those who can no longer defend themselves. We’re the resistance to historical revisionism, globalism and the destruction of European Identity.

Who, if not you? When, if not now?