This week our activists in Toronto took to the streets with a very clear, concise message: Break The Shackles of White Guilt. Take Pride In Your Identity. All races have committed crimes against humanity.

All races have enslaved others. All races have conquered, explored and used force to control others. All races are guilty of the same crimes, yet when someone takes to the streets and chants “Black Power”, they’re seen as a civil rights activist, a hero, and an inspiration. When a white person says “I’m proud of my race”, they’re told they’re “racist, insensitive, bigoted, and hateful”. It’s a classic example of a double standard.

It’s high time we have an honest conversation about not only our own history, but the history of others, and the crimes committed by all races. If we continue to turn a blind eye to the realities of our history, we’re bound to repeat them. No one should be shamed for atrocities they themselves didn’t commit. Everyone should be proud of their identity. Whether you’re from England, France, Ireland, India, China, Vietnam or Senegal, taking pride in your identity is at the very foundation of one’s own individuality and uniqueness.

If we continue down this path of “multiculturalism” and “diversity”, the only people that will exist in a few centuries will be a people void of any individuality, any uniqueness, and any identity. Is Ireland still Irish without the Irish? Is France still French without the French? Is China still Chinese without the Chinese?

We’re constantly told that our side of the political spectrum is “racist, dangerous, and hateful”, yet all we want is the right for people to exist. We see current demographic replacement as dangerous. We see the degradation of our society, the abolition of our culture, and the disregard for our laws to be dangerous. We see the current anti-white, anti-western, anti-European rhetoric to be hateful.

Pride ≠ Hatred