This week, our activists from across the country took part in a campaign in-regards to Halifax city council’s decision to remove General Cornwallis from Cornwallis park in Halifax. In a never-before-seen display of city work ethic, the statue was removed in less than 24 hours following the vote by city council. Few brave councilors dared vote against the removal, but we thank those who did as they did well by not only their constituents, but this entire nation. General Cornwallis stood in Cornwallis park for nearly 87 years. This statue was seen by the thousands of men who were departing Halifax to sacrifice their lives in the Second World War. For some of them, it would be one of the last pieces of intrinsic Canadian identity they would ever see.

Despite this, our current infatuation with revisionist thought, as well as our desire to remove anything that may offend other ethnic groups, has resulted in the removal of the founder of Halifax from the park that also bears his name, which was temporarily replaced by a tipi. We’re told by city officials that Cornwallis will be placed in temporary storage, however sources within the city have told us that it will be melted down and used to create a new statue, aimed at “unifying” the city. What this essentially means is that some frivolous, irrelevant and arbitrary shape will now sit where someone of historical significance once stood. Anyone who has followed our social media, knows that we pleaded with city council to erect a statue of their own liking somewhere else in Halifax, but to leave Cornwallis as he stands. Regardless, our attempts were ineffective. This was not an action done for “public safety”, as the city will tell you, but rather an affront to the founding people of Canada.

The precedent has been set…

ID Canada refuses to sit by and allow our identity, history, culture and nation to be dismantled by the globalists hell-bent on destroying European identity. Canada is a nation founded by explorers, traders, pioneers and most importantly, Europeans. There was no nation until our ancestors made the dangerous journey across the Atlantic in-hopes of a better life. They sacrificed it all, so we didn’t have to. They left it all behind in-hopes of building a prosperous nation, and a life for their children. They succeeded in doing so.

For years, Canada was one of the safest and most prosperous nations in the world, defended by men and women who were prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure she remained that way. Fast forward a few centuries, and our nation now comprises of men and women who sit by as the legacies of our forebears are forever erased from the society they created for us. Not only this, but the descendants of these pioneers now actively work against the interests of their people and nation. They support the dismantling of our identity, as it doesn’t “sit well” with the “new Canadians” or their image of the perfect multicultural utopia they strive for. Ironically enough, up until recently, most immigrants to Canada assimilated fairly well, knew the history of these lands and respected our identity. Now, Old Stock Canadians are treated as second class citizens while our government is focused on replacing us and dismantling any sense of identity that we have remaining.

It starts with the removal of statues, renaming of buildings and important landmarks to more “diverse” names, and ends with “You have no identity”. The removal of Cornwallis was the test to see public push back, and they got away with it. We will never see the Cornwallis statue again – be it in a museum, or erected elsewhere. Next they will remove other Canadian icons, such as Samuel de Champlain, Sir John A. MacDonald, and others. We will fight back.

No other group but ID Canada is pushing back against these politicians and “special interest” groups. We currently stand alone with the support of the silent majority. We know that the defense of those who can no longer defend themselves is not only our right, but our duty as the rightful heirs to this wonderful nation. Together, we will stand against tyranny, censorship and the destruction of The Canadian Identity – when will you?

Who, if not you?
When, if not now?