Inspired by acts in Ottawa and Toronto, ID Canada activists from across the country have also taken part in park clean-ups in their respective regions, with more chapters to take part in the campaign over the weekend.

ID Canada members are the best this country has to offer. They sacrifice their time, energy, money and resources to ensure that these sacred lands are both protected and respected. Our members don’t do what they do for profit or for amusement – they do it because it’s their civic duty and they feel a moral obligation to do it.

Constantly vilified by left-wing publications and the establishment, our members soldier on and continue to do what’s right, regardless of the slanderous comments directed towards them.

We can only hope that regardless of what the establishment has to say about our organization, that Canadians will realize that our intentions are nothing but good. We’re not the big, scary, evil people they make us out to be. We’re mothers and we’re fathers. We’re teachers and we’re small business owners. We’re just like you. Chances are, you’ve already met some of us.

Stickers, shirts and flags: