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Welcome to the resources section.

ID Canada strives to make activism as safe and accessible as possible to the general public and would-be activists. By uploading select posters, we both encourage others to push our message while also getting people involved at their own pace who do not have the time, desire or ability to be ID Canada members.

While these resources are free for anyone to use as they wish, we do ask that you read up on your local and provincial laws in-regards to postering. We realize that our posters will be altered and placed illegally to false flag our organization in-hopes of getting us into legal trouble. We’ve dealt with this successfully already, and will continue to do so in the same manner as before.

Please note that ID Canada owns the copyright to these images, as well as our logo and any use of the “ID Canada” name, including our website URL. By downloading this image, you agree to follow the conditions outlined below. Any edits to our designs, improper use of our logo, name, brand or website URL without approval is a violation of our copyright. Our posters may only be used provided the following conditions are met:

  • Posters must be in their original state (no edits, or alterations)

  • You do not have permission to make your own posters using ID Canada’s name, logo or website.



If you would like to have your poster campaign featured on ID Canada’s social media, please e-mail your JPEG or PNG files to [email protected] The conditions above, plus the following guidelines must be met in-order to be eligible:

  • Posters must be in colour.

  • Posters must not be placed on any places of worship, unauthorized private property, public schools, statues/monuments/memorials or cultural centres. Use common sense.

  • Photos of the posters must be of decent quality.

  • City or town where the posters were posted must be provided.


Listed below are numerous books we recommend newcomers and veterans of the movement to read. These are essential reading for those who want to understand the Identitarian movement and the challenges we face. While ID Canada does recommend reading these books, we do not necessarily endorse the messages of the books, nor do we endorse the authors unless explicitly stated otherwise. Our mission with this section is to educate people, and this includes controversial opinions that we ourselves may not necessarily agree with, but believe serves a purpose in better understanding the current political climate.

Book Recommendations

Online Reading


Video Recommendations


Canada in Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians

Canada In Decay is the first scholarly book questioning the undemocratic policy of mass immigration and racial diversification in Canada. The entire Canadian political establishment, the mainstream media and the academics, are all in harmonious unison with the banks and corporations, in promoting two myths to justify mass immigration.The first myth this book demolishes is the claim that immigration into Canada “enriches the country”, by demonstrating that mass immigration is not only leading to Euro-Canadians becoming a small minority in their own homeland, but because of the disparity in the birth-rate, the Euro-Canadian population is likely to become almost extinct.The second myth this book demolishes is the regularly repeated claim that Canada is a “nation of immigrants” by demonstrating that Canada was founded by Indigenous Quebecois, Acadians, and English speakers.This book also exposes the rewriting of Canada’s history in the media, schools, and universities, as an attempt to rob Euro-Canadians of their own history by inventing a past that conforms to the ideological goals of a future multiracial and multicultural Canada.Canada In Decay explains the origins of the ideology of immigrant multiculturalism and the inbuilt radicalizing nature of this ideology, and argues that the “theory of multicultural citizenship” is marred by a double standard which encourages minorities to affirm their collective cultural rights while Euro-Canadians are excluded from affirming theirs.“Canada In Decay is a bold, compelling, and often devastating deconstruction of the Left-Liberal narrative which has dominated Canadian politics since the 1970’s. It is bound to put on the defensive both the politically correct Left and the globalist Right not just in Canada but across the entire western world.” — Grant Havers, author of Leo Strauss and Anglo-American Democracy: A Conservative Critique.

Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age

At this pivotal moment in recent Western history, Richard Duchesne tackles what may be the most crucial question for people of European descent: ‘What makes us unique?’

Casting aside the dominant cultural Marxist narratives and dismissing the popular media attacks on concepts of ‘whiteness’, Duchesne draws on a range of historical examples, sources and philosophies to examine the origins of European man, his achievements, and the nature of the Faustian spirit that has driven his innovation and creativity.

In an age of multiculturalism and globalism one might ask the question ‘Whither Western Man?’ Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age digs deeply in our origins and development to try and point the reader towards the answer.

Why We Fight: Manifesto of the European Resistance
Identitarians and others making up the European resistance lack a doctrine that truly serves as a political and ideological synthesis of who they are – a doctrine that speaks above parties and sects, above rival sensibilities and wounded feelings, that brings the resistance together around clear ideas and objectives, uniting them in opposition to the Europeans’ dramatic decline. Our people today face the gravest peril in their entire history: demographic collapse, submission to an alien colonisation and to Islam, the bastardisation of the European Union, prostration before American hegemony, the forgetting of our cultural roots, and so on. In the form of an introductory text and a dictionary of 177 key words, Guillaume Faye, one of the most creative writers of the European ‘Right’, makes a diagnosis of the present situation and proposes a program of resistance, reconquest, and regeneration. He holds out the prospect of a racial and revolutionary alternative to the present decayed civilisation. The manifesto’s principal objective is thus to unify the resistance by developing a common doctrine that unites everyone and every tendency seeking to constitute a European network of resistance – a doctrine that goes beyond the old sectarian quarrels and superficial divisions. All relevant subjects, including politics, economics, geopolitics, demographics, and biology are broached. As it was for the Nineteenth-century Left with Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Why We Fight is destined to become the key work for Twenty-first century identitarians. This edition of Why We Fight contains the complete text of the original French edition, as well as additional material that was added for the German edition. Also included is an original Foreword by translator Michael O’Meara, author of New Culture, New Right, as well as a Foreword by Dr. Pierre Krebs, Chairman of the Thule-Seminar in Germany.
Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against The 68ers

The denial of the European peoples’ right to their own heritage, history and even their physical homelands has become part of the cultural fundament of the modern West. Mass immigration, selective and vilifying propaganda, and a constant barrage of perverse or, at best, pointless consumer culture all contribute to the transformation of Europe into a non-entity. Her native population consists mostly of atomistic individuals, lacking any semblance of purpose or direction, increasingly victimised by a political system with no interest in the people it governs. There are many views on how this came to be, but the revolt of May 1968 was certainly of singular importance in creating the apolitical, self-destructive situation that postmodern Europe is in today.

This, however, is no history book. It is not primarily about how this came to be, but rather what can and should be done about it and, more to the point, who will do it. After the treachery of the political, journalistic and academic pseudo-elites and the complacency of an entire generation of Europeans which enabled it, it falls upon the young – the foremost victims of the derailing of Western society – to turn the tide.

In Generation Identity, activist Markus Willinger presents his take on the ideology of the budding identitarian movement in 41 brief and direct chapters. Willinger presents a crystal-clear image of what has gone wrong, and indicates the direction in which we should look for our solutions. Moving seamlessly between the spheres of radical politics and existential philosophy, Generation Identity explains in a succinct, yet poetic fashion what young Europeans must say – or should say – to the corrupt representatives of the decrepit social structures dominating our continent.

This is not a manifesto, it is a declaration of war.

Markus Willinger was born in 1992 and grew up in Schärding am Inn, Austria. He has been politically active on the alternative Right since he was fifteen years old, and is now a student of history and political science at the University of Stuttgart.


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