Our Activism

Due to Facebook and other social media platforms censoring us, all of our activism will now be posted to this page. This ensures we control our message and can maintain our social media following without “violating” Facebook’s arbitrary and senseless posting policies.

Regardless, we encourage everyone who supports our organization to follow us on all of our social media platforms, and also subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our organization. We will remain active and will continue to fight against those who attempt to silence us, regardless of any pitfalls we encounter.

Who, if not you?
When, if not now?

Defend Your Freedoms. Defend Your Identity.

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Nationwide: ID Canada Park Clean-Up

Inspired by acts in Ottawa and Toronto, ID Canada activists from across the country have also taken part in park clean-ups in their respective regions, with more chapters to take part in the campaign over the weekend. ID Canada members are the best this country has to...

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Ottawa & Toronto Park Clean-up Operation

Yesterday our activists in Ottawa and Toronto lead a park clean-up operation in their respective regions. Over 90lbs of trash was collected over the course of a couple hours by activists at only two parks in two cities. Respecting the environment is very important to...

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ID Canada Maritimes Road Trip & Activism

Hello Patriots! Last weekend, the national leadership team of ID Canada traveled over 3,000 km across Canada's Atlantic provinces to meet with our affiliate chapters on the east coast. Before we get to the activism, we want to congratulate our Affiliate Chapters on...

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Nationwide: First It Was Cornwallis, Then It Was…

This week, our activists from across the country took part in a campaign in-regards to Halifax city council's decision to remove General Cornwallis from Cornwallis park in Halifax. In a never-before-seen display of city work ethic, the statue was removed in less than...

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