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As you may be aware, ID Canada is a youth oriented Identitarian organization comprising of members who range in age from 18 to 35.

It’s a fact of life that the future of any country is in the hands of the youngest generation, and with every new generation, comes the handing off of the torch and a responsibility of ensuring the younger generation is equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to succeed in life. ID Canada wants to provide these tools, skills, and knowledge.

We have the infrastructure and the connections. We have the motivation and the passion. All we’re lacking is your help.

ID Canada has officially launched its Patron program. This is a way for all Canadians to help our younger generation of activists.

We see a lot of merit in self-funding our organization. We started with nothing. Today we are the largest right-wing youth activist organization in the country. We kept our costs and overhead low while ensuring all the campaigns we wanted to do could get done. However, we have a lot planned for this year. These large operations, campings trips, conferences, workshops and private functions all cost money, and lots of it when we’re dealing with such a large organization that spans nearly across the entire country.

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ID Canada’s new Patron program has two donor levels. The standard Patron plan, will ensure you’re kept up-to-date with our activities across the country via our exclusive monthly newsletter. In this newsletter we’ll include pictures and in-depth information on our campaigns and activism. We’ll also include some information on future campaigns, donation goals for any current projects we’re working towards, and will offer coupon codes to great savings on our shop.

The Patriot plan is for those who can afford to give a bit more. Naturally, this comes with more perks. Our Patriot plan includes an enhanced newsletter and features pieces written by our friends at The Identitarian as well as featured articles from guest authors, academics and other personalities. With your Patriot subscription, you will receive a free t-shirt from our shop, and will be invited to regular conference calls to chat about ID Canada. This can range from conferences to organization meetings.

Defend Your Freedoms. Defend Your Identity.

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So far, ID Canada has been entirely funded by our members and leadership team. In order to move into bigger activism campaigns, conferences, workshops and the public outreach we want to accomplish, we need funding. Every organization runs into this problem, however our situation is unique. Due to the nature of our organization and our beliefs we don’t qualify for the government funding. We can’t simply call the Bank of Trudeau and ask for funds. Between paying for the “New Canadians” and funding organizations whose sole purpose is to undermine Canadian culture and dismantle our identity, there simply isn’t a desire to fund our organization.

We at ID Canada are more than just an activist organization. We’re a community of like-minded young Canadians who are tired of seeing this country sold-out by globalist politicians. We’re tired of being told Canada is a “nation of immigrants”. To us, this implictly means that there’s no place for us in our own nation. We’re the younger generation of “old stock Canadians” being given the backseat and told to sit down, be quiet and watch our country go down a path of self-destruction. We’re the generation that are told “our people” are responsible for all that is horrid in the world. We’re the generation that are told that if you’re a heterosexual white male, that your opinion is both invalid and unwanted. We’re the generation who can’t find jobs while corporations are hiring thousands upon thousands of “Temporary” foreign workers, who are paid competitve Canadian wages, only to send that money back home.

We’re also the generation that has had enough. We’re the generation that’s fighting back. We’re the generation that’s going to write our own story and ensure that the “old stock” Canadian identity survives. You’ve handed the torch to us, and with your help we can ensure it gets passed down properly to those who have a rightful claim.