Our Chapters

ID Canada has expanded from just Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal to now include many other cities across Canada. We’ve changed the way we create new chapters in Canada, as we wanted to capitalize on the momentum and energy we’ve garnered through our activism and media coverage. As a result, we have official chapters, and we have affiliated chapters.

Official chapters are chapters which are permanent and core chapters within our organization. These chapters are the only chapters which are officially connected with the core organization and all of their actions have been cleared with National Leadership. Members do not hold membership with any other groups.

Affiliated chapters are formed independently, while still acquiring affiliation through the core organization. These chapters are generally run by other groups that we’ve worked with and trust to represent our brand separately from their own group. The only affiliate chapters to be recognized and trusted are the chapters listed here. Affiliated members can hold membership with other groups and engage in activities with other groups. If you’ve discovered a chapter that’s not on this list, please use the contact page and provide any information you can in-regards to the “chapter”. We take false affiliations very seriously, as showcased already to some groups, and we will pursue any legal action necessary to protect both our brand and our reputation.

Also worth noting is that ID Canada has one Facebook page, Gab.ai, website, Twitter, and Minds account. They can all be found on the contact page. Any other profiles are not officially recognized and are more than likely ran by individuals and/or groups that seek to damage our reputation and get us into legal issues. Individual chapters do not operate their own social media, email accounts, or websites – this is the only one. We would appreciate your help in tracking down these pages and reporting them to us so we can pursue the legal action necessary to protect our brand and reputation.

Official Chapters

Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia

Affiliate Chapters