Q: What is the purpose of your organization? 

A: ID Canada seeks to re-instill “old stock” Canadian values and ideals into the hearts and minds of our people. Canada has been turned into a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities by globalist politicians who do not have to live the realities of their policy. These cultures and ethnicities do not mix, but rather clash. The failed experiment known as multiculturalism has lead to the destruction of our very unique identity and values. ID Canada wants to fight for Canadians, because our politicians refuse to do so. Through publicity stunts, blunt activism and helping our communities, we will save our country from the self-destructive path it has been going down for decades.

Q: Are you a racist organization?

A: No. We do not hate people based on their skin colour. We do not see ourselves as superior to others on the simple basis of our skin colour. We are an Identitarian movement that seeks to preserve our identity, culture, customs, traditions, values and ideals. We wish no ill-will towards others and believe that other ethnic groups have the same right to existence as we do. We acknowledge the inherent and scientifically proven differences in race, but do not believe that race makes someone a better person. We are all unique and have our own place in this world – literally.

With that said, we will not jump through the hoops of social justice to prove we are not a “white supremacist” organization. Our views and goals are very simple and are outlined very clearly. If you choose to ignore the facts and label us “racist”, that’s your decision. We will not entertain those who refuse enlighten themselves in the age of information. After all, it’s the current year. 

Q: In your Opinion, what is a Canadian? 

A: Canada was not a nation until Europeans came here and colonized it. Native American tribes existed, however they were not a unified nation and often fought each other. Europeans came here, built relations with the native population and traded with them. Yes there were some wars, yes there were genocides. This is the reality of our history, and there’s no changing it. There can be no re-writing of the history books. European colonizers and what we called pioneers built this great country into what it is today. 

Canada, up until recently, has been a country of European multiculturalism. Compatible, albeit different cultures from Western and Eastern Europe have helped build Canada in the past, and it’s these very people that will save it from destruction. Our welcoming attitude towards foreigners is what gave this country the global reputation of being a friendly nation. This is entirely true, and we Canadians take great pride in being such nice people. That said, our tolerance and acceptance of other cultures has lead to a clash of cultures. From the removal of Christmas celebrations in schools to the special privileges granted to “new Canadians”, from the changing of our anthem to the removal of statues commemorating our founders, Canadians are being treated like second-class citizens and their voices left unheard in favour of the new Canadians. You are being replaced. 

Q: Are you a political organization?

A: No. ID Canada is an activist organization seeking to spread a message and trigger a cultural shift. That’s it, that’s all. We have no MPs or city councilors in our organization. We do not seek positions of power in the Canadian government and we do not seek your vote. We want an organization that helps Canadians first, instills pride and honour into the hearts of our people, and reminds Canadians what their ancestors sacrificed so much for. We refuse to drop to our knees and accept the changes to our country’s ‘fabric’ like certain individuals would like us to. We will use every right and freedom granted to us by the constitution to spread our message lawfully and effectively.

Q: I want to help, but don’t want to be active. How can I assist you in achieving your goals?

A: We realize not everyone can be active and participate in publicity stunts, activism and other events. We know many of our supporters are “old stock” Canadians who might not be physically capable of attending our events. As is this is often the case, we ask that our supporters like our social media accounts, share our content with friends and family, and direct interested parties to our webpage. You also have the option of donating to our organization, which can be found here. All donations are put back into the organization by means of flyers, stickers, and banners as well as helping us cover the costs of hosting this website. All donation amounts are highly appreciated, and we thank-you for your support! Without donations, we couldn’t continue operating.

Q: Why do you have an age requirement? Shouldn’t you accept all the help you can get?

 A: ID Canada is a Youth movement. We’re young Canadians, ranging from 16-35 who want to use modern techniques to push our message. We’re extremely optics conscious, and firmly believe the imagery, mantra and old school rhetoric of the “right” has seen its day. We’re inspiring people across the country not only because of our message, but because of our unique way of showcasing our message.

In order to maintain the current group dynamic, we feel it necessary to keep the age demographic of our membership relatively the same. Older people, while they have more experience and are extremely valuable to our organization, lack the “new thinking” perspective that our young activists have. Sometimes, inexperience and naiveté are what fosters great ideas.  This isn’t a personal attack or an insult, it’s reality. There is a place in our movement for older people who want to get involved, but it’s not as a street level activist.

In the coming weeks, we will introduce a program to our organization that allows older people to be financial donors and receive in-depth newsletters and information about our organization. In these newsletters, we’ll include finer details of recent campaigns, future operations, and will have a means of taking critcism and feedback from our donors. Donors will also be eligible to attend ID Canada private events and conferences, and will have discounts on our store.

The opinions of those with the most experience are extremely valuable to us as an organization. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm. It is, in fact, those two things that help maintain a high morale amongst our activists.