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  • Taking positions on news/current events (13%, 1 Votes)
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ID Canada is the leading Identitarian organization in Canada. We strive to preserve our unique Canadian identity and to fight globalism, multiculturalism and provide a counter-culture to the waves of cultural marxism that have swept our nation and people. From government institutions to publicly-funded educational institutions, it’s becoming more clear with every passing bill and education program amendment that the elite of this nation seek to destroy what it was intended to be – a pan-European multicultural nation. From it’s onset, Canada was built by the French, the British, the Germans, Scots, Irish and the Dutch. There are towns in this country which still hold their traditions and identity to heart, with Wilno, Ontario being a great example of a Polish parish which is still largely Polish.

The identity of Canada isn’t something you can describe easily. We’re farmers, we’re fishermen, we’re miners, we’re the descendants of those who gave their blood on Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele. There is no “one” Canadian identity. Being the second largest nation in the world, we have unique identities from province-to-province, even town-to-town. ID Canada seeks to preserve these identities, and re-instill the values and traditions left behind by our ancestors.

You’re reading this because you’re one of the few selected to help us do this. We’re expanding quickly, and with your help, determination, perseverance, energy and dedication, we can make ID Canada the leading organization in the Great White North for our generation to instill the change we want to see.

Policies, guidelines and expectations

ID Canada is a brand. To date, we’ve done a fantastic job at pushing our message in a thought-provoking, yet palatable manner. Image and optics are everything. We need to ensure, however, that the message we push the public is the same message and image we have internally. Consistency is the name of our game, and provided we follow these policies and rules, we will not have to hide our identities or be scared about the possible implications of holding membership with the organization. Gone are the days of worrying about being “doxxed” and having your careers, families and lives torn apart by those who seek to destroy us. With these policies and rules comes some level of security and possibly the lightening of some shoulder weight.

Policies, Guidelines and Expectations will be listed below in point form. If you need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact a member of leadership.

Internal Image

Always assume that someone who wants to harm us is watching and listening. The server is secure, however preemptive posting is the best practice. Remember: It only takes one mistake for this to all come crashing down on us. We’ve worked hard to get where we are, but it’s through consistency that we achieve our goals. These policies/rules also apply to in-person meetings.

  1. No Fascist/WN profile pictures and/or usernames.
  2. No “edgy” NS/WN memes on any chat channel.
  3. Avoid using racial slurs – no exceptions.
  4. Do not share NS/WN videos, speeches, or podcasts. Be certain of the content you’re posting.
  5. Do not talk about the “JQ”.
  6. Do not discuss any illegal activities.
  7. Do not screenshot, copy/paste or otherwise share any content on any chat channel.
  8. Do not disclose any information about members.
  9. Do not post/take photos of members without their permission.
  10. Do not harass the women we have in the group.
  11. Do not discuss religion in a divisive manner
  12. During real life meetings, do not get drunk. Drinking is fine, but being drunk is not.
  13. Debates are fine, but do not turn it into an argument. Respect each other. We’re all on the same team.
  14. Do not post about any future project plans, meeting points/times in general member and unvetted chat. We have local chapter chats for that purpose.
  15. Avoid posting in unvetted/open chat. You’re members, so use member chat.
  16. Do not resolve personal issues with a member in public. Message leadership about it.
  17. If you have a problem with something posted in the chat, contact leadership.
  18. If you have concerns about a member of any kind, address it with leadership.
  19. If you have concerns about a decision made by leadership, address it privately.
  20. We can’t be watching at all times. If a situation is getting out of control, or something was posted that violates these rules, address it with leadership immediately.
  21. If you’re sharing a downloadable file, please have it approved by leadership.
  22. Remember our mission: anti-globalism, anti-multiculturalism.
  23. If you’re in a relationship with a member, we don’t want to see PDA, and no drama.
  24. If your relationship ends, we expect you both to stick around and settle your split amicably. Do not let it interfere with the mission at hand.
  25. If you’re in a relationship with a member, you must disclose it to leadership.

There’s only one official ID Canada Facebook page, Twitter, Minds, YouTube Channel, PewTube Channel,, Website and Discord. Ensure you’re on the right one and report all others to leadership.
Splinter groups, local chapter facebook pages, discord chats/servers, twitter accounts and otherwise are strictly forbidden. If you feel like you’re leadership material, then talk to us about it. Do not make your own groups.

Using common sense, you can dictate what is and isn’t appropriate on our server. We’re not a “White Supremacist” or “skinhead” organization. There are plenty of groups for people to join if that’s what they’re looking for. We’re Ethno-Nationalists and Identitarians. Most of these policies are self-evident and if you have optics and image in-mind, there’s no reason to forget them.

Punishments for violating these rules include being removed from the server temporarily, and potentially being permanently banned from both the organization and the server. We’re very serious about protecting our image.

External Image & Activism Guidelines

Our external image is arguably the most important aspect of our organization. Without the support of the public, we become another fringe group that no one pays any attention to, and we end up having an otherwise useless echo chamber that never succeeds in its goals. These rules and policies are extremely important and a violation of any of them will result in immediate termination of your membership. These are not in any order of importance. All rules apply and are equally as important.

  1. Be conscious of what you’re wearing. No NS/WN imagery.
  2. Never try to harm anyone who tries to remove our posters/stickers/banners (No razor blades).
  3. Do not take photos of members unless they personally approve of it.
  4. Under no circumstances can you “roman salute” on camera or off camera.
  5. Never use spray paint or other hard-to-remove substances to push a message.
  6. Ensure everything you’re doing can be removed with simple tools and will not harm others.
  7. Ensure the message, campaign, sticker, etc has been approved by leadership.
  8. Never post non-IDC related material with other members, unless approved by leadership.
  9. Never post non-IDC related material while wearing anything tied to ID Canada.
  10. Do not cover your faces during operations. We know you want to, but we’re pushing a clean image, and face covering doesn’t show that. We look like the groups we don’t like when we do that. The only exception to this is during the winter months.
  11. Do not, under any circumstances, confront or attack someone.
  12. If you’re attacked, have someone record what’s occurring and defend yourself. Use as much force as is necessary to prevent harm to yourself and others and that’s it.
  13. Do not yell slurs at anyone. Do your job and move on.
  14. Do not antagonize anyone for any reason. You’re representing us and have a mission to do.
  15. Understand that while women are viewed as equal in worth to us, they have physical differences and cannot do everything men can do. Offer to help them if they’re struggling with something.
  16. Avoid making sexist, misogynist remarks towards women. Ladies, this goes the other way as well.
  17. Never place posters, stickers, or any ID Canada related material on places of worship, women’s centers, cars, private property, or in any place that would make us look bad for doing so. Public property is perfectly fine, and is realistically the only acceptable place to poster/sticker/banner.
  18. Place posters and stickers in hard to reach places, but ensure they’re visible and do not make them impossible to remove, as stated above.
  19. Work in groups. Never go out alone on a mission, and it’s advised not to wear ID Canada related clothing in public when you’re alone.
  20. Accept the fact that people are going to take pictures. They have the legal right to do so, and regardless of your feelings about it, you’re to leave them be. If you’re uncomfortable being photographed putting up posters for a cause you believe in, then this is the wrong organization for you.
  21. Do not attempt to impede someone taking pictures or a video. It gives them more of a reason to do it, and if you act like you don’t care, chances are the reception won’t be as bad. Smile for the camera.
  22. Do not make any comment or statement to the press or anyone on video/voice recording unless you’re an approved representative.
  23. Feel free to cover AntiFa/Communist propaganda – same with government sponsored messages, but do not remove them. We’re for Free Speech – a very Canadian ideal, not against it.
  24. Do not target public or private schools (Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High Schools). It’s not our demographic and the public looks poorly on it.
  25. Use of torches and flares must be approved by leadership.
  26. If you witness a member doing something illegal, tell your leader immediately.
  27. If someone’s life is in danger, do not be afraid to call 911.
  28. When in an argument/confrontation with someone (it will happen), always ensure a member is recording the altercation. Again, never touch someone first.
  29. Do not trespass on private property.
  30. If someone is removing posters as you put them up, lose them and go somewhere else.
  31. You can talk to people who are wondering what you’re doing, but try to avoid confrontation and refrain from making any statements on political/ethical issues unless you’ve been approved to by leadership.
  32. Don’t claim that your opinions are the opinions of the organization.
  33. If you’re told to leave somewhere by a security guard, do as you’re told otherwise you can face charges for trespassing.
  34. Do not carry weapons. Flashlights, and padded gloves are fine. No Batons. No knives.
  35. Do not break/destroy any public or private property.
  36. Avoid smoking while doing operations, mainly on camera.
  37. Do not carry any illegal substances on you, and do not smoke weed at any ID Canada sanctioned event.
  38. If you use Facebook with your real name and face, ensure that what you are and what you have posted there is appropriate. If not, do not advertise your ID
  39. Canada membership and work to clean your image. You can set your previous posts to “friends only” via Facebook settings. It’s called “limit old posts”. We recommend doing so.
  40. Be mindful of the comments you make online and how they can be linked back to us. We do not want to be held responsible for a “meme” you posted six months ago (see above).
  41. If you want to be edgy and post offensive material, use a sock account with a different name. We will be monitoring member Facebook profiles to ensure they do not reflect badly on the organization. We don’t care about sock accounts so long as they cannot be linked to you and our organization.

Again, common sense goes a long way here. We could write out 1,000 more rules, but they’re simply common sense. Here we’ve addressed most of the questions we’ve been asked, and have addressed some of the issues we’ve already faced. We will be updating/altering this list as time goes on, so please check back on a regular basis. If you have any points you think could be added, or have any questions, please contact leadership.

Guidelines & Policies

  • If you’ve purchased something for an operation and were approved to do so, keep your receipt and send it to leadership for reimbursement.
  • As of January 1st, 2018, we’re no longer collecting member dues on a national level. Individual chapters may still charge member dues to fund operations. However, this is not a “for profit” venture. Those found to be profiting off of member dues – be it directly or indirectly, will be removed from the organization permanently.
  • Complaints and concerns about members, leadership, recruiters, initiates or anyone affiliated with ID Canada must be addressed with leadership. We don’t take things personally and will make decisions based on facts, logic and reason. No one gets a free pass and people will be held accountable for their actions.

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Created: November 17th, 2017
Amended: January 24th, 2018