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our mission

ID Canada is an Ethno-Nationalist and Identitarian youth movement. Our Mission: Homeland, Freedom, Tradition.

IDC was created in December of 2014 as a response to Canada’s decaying identity, increased third-world immigration and the prevalence of anti-European sentiments in this country. We refuse to re-write history and pretend like this nation existed before European colonization. Canada is not a “Nation of immigrants”. It is a nation formed by Europeans.

Canada is a country of explorers, settlers, and nation builders. We refuse to spit on the names of our ancestors and those who sacrificed everything to build this beautiful country only to protect the decaying ideals of political correctness and “diversity”. Canada is a nation of Europeans values, traditions, customs and culture. Canada was never meant to be a melting pot of third-world migration.

The current path that we are on is a society void of any identity or uniqueness.

We want to change that.

The pioneers who came to this country didn’t do so to create a nation that would eventually be sold out by globalists and cultural Marxists. They came here for a fresh start – a new life. They came here to be a part of history, and to build a safe, prosperous nation their children and grandchildren could call home.

We are their descendants. We are the rightful heirs to this nation, not those who come here to reap the benefits of our social assistance, healthcare, education and most importantly – the labours and sacrifices of our forefathers.
ID Canada seeks to re-instill the traditional western values that our ancestors worked so hard to create and protect. To remind ethnic Euro-Canadians of the sacrifices their ancestors made for them.

From our freedoms and our privileges, we have those who lived before us to thank. Seeing as those who shaped this nation have since passed on and we cannot thank them directly, our highest responsibility is respecting their memory and sacrifice by passing on their values, traditions, customs and Identity.

By The Numbers
Since 1992, Canada has accepted over 6,000,000 landed Immigrants – not including temporary workers, foreign students, refugees, etc. In 2011, the National Household Survey estimated the number of foreign-born nationals at 20.6% of the population.

Immigration to Canada used to be primarily made-up of immigrants from Western Europe and the British Isles. Another National Household Survey conducted in 1971 shows the percentage of European-born immigrants has gone from 79.7% to around 32% in 2011.

Immigrants from Asia and the Middle-East made up about 47% of foreign-nationals in 2011, with Africa and South America picking up the rest.According to StatsCan, in 2011 the percentage of immigrants born in regions outside Europe made up 65% of landed immigrants. To put things into perspective, the percentage of immigrants born in regions outside of Europe was 11% in 1971.In 2011, a survey conducted by the National Household Survey showed that 49.1% of Toronto residents described themselves as “visible minorities” (non-European). This number has most certainly increased in the years following the survey.

Using statistics available from StatsCan, we see that in 2011, 23.4% of Canadian residents identified as “visible minorities”. This accounts for 7,664,750 people, including 1,400,000 aboriginals. The number of “visible minorities” in Canada in 2011, excluding aboriginals, was 6,264,750 or 19.1% of the Canadian population.

  • Non-European Immigrants 65%
  • Toronto Visible Minority Population 49%
  • Non European Canadians 23%
All numbers from Statistics Canada, 2011
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ID Canada is the fastest growing activist movement in Canada. With hundreds of members in numerous cities across Canada, and increasing daily, we’re expanding into other cities and regions rapidly. We need your help to make ID Canada a household name. We need activists who are willing to sacrifice some of their free time into helping us build a movement so large that they will have no choice but to hear us out. We want everyone, young and old, to know who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.

Gone are the days of simply airing out your frustration on the internet. It’s now time to get involved with a real proactive movement, formed by real Canadians, who aren’t afraid to Take Action and restore Canada to its former glory by taking part in activism and spreading awareness. From hosting our own cultural events, to publicity stunts and helping out our communities on a personal level, we intend on spreading our message from coast-to-coast.

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